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The Wedding Dress: Part 1 Body shape and dress cuts

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Every little girl has dreamt of their wedding day and the beautiful dress! But most of the time  the dress we have dreamed about when we were young girls are different from the dress we want as ladies.

As ladies, we want to look exceptional and have the most form flattering dress. Years go by as we blossom and so does fashion.

Monique Lhuillier Fall Bridal Presentation 2018

Some brides want their dress to be of the current fashion and others want it to be within a budget.

One thing is for sure, all brides want a flattering dress that accentuates our good areas and hides the ones we don’t like.

So first we are going to look at our different body figures which are described as  petite, pear- shape, apple-shaped or banana/ slim athletic:

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Pear-shaped – Most common body shape.  Hips and backside are wider than the width of      the shoulders

Apple – described as being ‘Top heavy’. Ladies with wide shoulders, full torso and full bust, upper back and waist. Thinner arms, legs and hips.

Hour-glass – width of the shoulders and hips are about the same and the width at the waist is smaller by 8 to 12 inches to the bust measurement. Thighs are full but narrower compared to the lower hips.

Petite – refers to stature and not weight. Ladies that are 5’3 tall and shorter. They are not necessarily slender but  can be an apple, pear , hourglass or banana shaped.

Banana / Slim Athletic – are referred to as slender or athletically built. Shoulders, hips and waist are nearly evenly proportioned.

Dress designs


Ballgown dresses are fitted bodice and flairs into a full  puffy skirt. This is the classic fairytale dress.

Most body shapes will look fabulous in a Ball gown. Pear-shaped ladies you will love it more especially as it hides your lower bodies. Banana shaped ladies are perfect for this design as it will give you the illusion of curves and the skirts will not overwhelm your frame.  Beware Petite ladies selecting this design, it may overwhelm your body ie. You want to wear the dress and not let the dress wear you!

Dress by Vivienne Westwood


The dress has a fitted bodice to the waist which then flows gradually to the hem.

This is one the universal designs that suits most body types and shapes but is not the sexiest pattern. So if you’re looking for  a little more sexy, then this isnt the one for you.

The Florence Wedding Dress from the Amanda Wakeley 2018 Collection

Modified A-line

A fitted bodice to the hips and gradually flows to the hem. Compared to an A-line dress, this design fits more closely to the body and more figure flattering.

Brides who wish to flaunt their slender hips and tummy will look fantastic. If you have a more banana body type , it is best to avoid this design as it will you look like you less curves.

Dress from the Alberta Ferretti Bridal Forever 2016 Collection


This beauty is designed to be close fitting from the bodice to mid thigh. The dress then flares dramatically from the thighs to the hem.

Tumpet design is made for the brides with a curvy body. It gives a flattering hour-glass shape. Best avoided by ladies with an apple- shaped body type.

Dress by Monique Lhuillier For Spring 2018 Collection


These dresses are design to be close fitting from bodice to the knees. Thereafter  flares to the ground from the knees. Mermaid dress provides a hour glass figure and shows off the curves. Disadvantage of this dress style is its constricting nature due to being tight and close fitting. This is not recommended for our apple- shaped ladies.

Dress by Monique Lhuillier For Spring 2018 Collection


Designed to flow from neckline to the hem for all those lovely ladies with slender frames and those who have curves to show off.

Petite brides will love this as it will add length and make them appear taller. Pear-shaped brides will find this design unflattering and best to be avoided.

Beaded lace sheath wedding dress by Carolina Herrera from Spring  2013 Collection


The hem of this dress ends between the ankle and knees. It can either end in a flare of skirts or go straight down. My favourite is the flare because it has a 1950’s classic glamor.  Its flattering for most body types and the best part if your wedding shoes are gorgeous this style will help to show them off.

Trendy and  cute!

Tea- Length dress by Vera Wang


The skirt of the dresses ends above the knees. This style is more fashionable and favoured for being worn at reception.  Suitable with most body types.

Dress by Marchesha from her 2018 Spring / Summer collection



Adds a flair of sophistication and elegance . Brides with larger busts and wish to minimise its appearance should steer clear of high neckline as it will have the opposite effect.



This style suits most ladies especially helpful for busty ladies as it does not reveal too much cleavage. Not ideal for broad shouldered brides.


Strapless is great way to show off toned shoulders, collar bone and slender neck.  Easily worn by  modest chested brides  but difficult for busty brides as it tends to slip down.


One of the most alluring  and sexy neckline which suits most body types .  Enhances the natural curvature of busty brides and provides the illusion of curves for our flat chested ladies. The dip in the neckline can vary from deep to subtle depending on the amount of cleavage you want to show.

Off the shoulder

This flirty neckline is great to minimise busty frames also to show off those lovely toned shoulders and collar bones.

V- neckline

Classic and the most flattering styles for alll brides. For petite brides it adds length and round face ladies makes their faces seem oval in shape. A subtle dip is sexy showing a hint of cleavage. Plunging V is fantastic for  flat chested ladies adding just enough sexy without being risqué.


This neckline draws attention to the upper and centre of the body so it is great for ladies with broad shoulders, average to small busts and well-toned arms. It creates the illusion of curves, minimising broad shoulders and accentuates the bust area.

Boat or Princess or Bateau

One of the favoured neckline choice for long neck ladies with smaller faces , small busts and wide hips. It enhances the shoulders making it look broader offsetting wide hips. Small busts appear a little bigger. Great choice for hourglass figured ladies!!

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Round or Screw

Simple and classic neckline which is quite versatile. Recommended for  average to small busts, long face shape and long necks. It creates the appearance of larger busts and softens the facial height. So ladies with short necks and round face shape should be careful when choosing this neckline as it can make them look stumpy and plumpy.

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