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The budget can be daunting topic to discuss and sometimes a bit sensitive as well. But alas its a discussion that one needs to have!!

You and your hubby-to-be need to discuss the financials of the wedding at the start. For instance, in some cultures such as Hinduism the brides family traditionally foots the bill for the wedding. The grooms family generally pays for their own pre-wedding functions. In these modern times, the groom and bride share the cost of the wedding day.  However, to avoid any misunderstandings, discuss at length if both parties will share in the expenses or not.  If not, don’t stress! Come up with a budget that best fits your pocket.



Remember your wedding will come and thereafter your marriage begins. Think about the future you will have, would you rather start of your marriage with an overdrawn account or small fortune in the bank? The best way to avoid incurring a lot of debt is to plan ahead. A budget will help you with this as long as you stick to the budget. Choosing the number guests you will be inviting is an influencing factor in your budget ie. a larger guest list = a bigger budget.

Now you will need to compromise on certain areas but you can splurge on others. Once you have decided on an estimated figure, write everything you will need to book down. I had found drawing up an excel worksheet helped, but if you’re more of a pen and paper person, go right ahead!

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Drawing up a mock budget sheet with estimated figures to the following which most weddings require such as venues, wedding outfits, catering, decor, jewellery, photography, videography, makeup artists, florist, music (Dj/ Band), wedding invitations and miscellaneous ( this will include amount for smaller things like spa, nails, gifts and smaller expenses). By drawing up a mock budget, it will give you an idea of the budget you had in mind would work.

This budget must be flexible enough for you to be able to pay for unforeseen expenses and be able to pay off before the wedding. It must be a figure that will not have you breaking your piggy bank. So be realistic and stick to what you can afford!

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