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Flowers  are an integral part of any wedding, big or small! They  add  a touch  whimsical feel to any wedding. From their  beautiful hues and enchanting fragrances, flowers tease our senses. Floral arrangement can transform any indoor venue to a magical garden.

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.”  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


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Through the ages bridal bouquets have held different meanings and symbolism for brides. Most popular beliefs were the symbolism of the flowers the bride held. Flowers were used to add a fragrance to the bride, protect her from evil spirits and to symbolise the beginning of a new chapter. Flowers have their own meaning by their colors and what they signify. Below is a list of some the blooms used at weddings:

The dazzling effect of flowers to our surroundings is astounding. Transforming the deary indoors to a garden of Eden.

Flowers are used in many different ways:

  • Boutonniere – consists of an arrangement of flowers or greenery  pinned to the lapel or buttonhole of a bridegroom and groomsman.
  • Table centre pieces  displays place on the table in vases or decorative boxes to dress up  a table
  • Decor flowers-  form part of  the stage or background decorations
  • Bouquets- bunches of flowers held in  hands of the bride or bridesmaid. Usually consisting of symbolic flowers.
  • Congratulatory petals-  flower petals used to shower the couple with well wishes
  • Hair accessory – A single flower can be placed in your hair a decoration instead of a jewellery, or a plaited ring of flowers as a headband for braidmaids or flower girls.
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General Tips

  • Choosing budget friendly big blooms will fill up the spaces in your arrangement. By requiring less flowers in the bouquets will reduce your floral costs.
  • Picking out your wedding outfit and color scheme will make choosing your flowers a bit easier.
  • Sometimes a flower we love is expensive and we can only  buy  a handful. So make these  fancy flowers the main attraction in your arrangement! Surround them with budget friendly blooms to compliment it and helped it stand out.
  • Flowers that in season cost less than flowers that have to be outsourced and imported. So choosing  flowers that are abundant at the time of your wedding will save you loads of pennies!
  • Nothing can beat real flowers but artificial flowers are a close runner-up. They are an option to those brides just looking to have a floral decoration without breaking their piggy bank. Strategically placing artificial flowers in the arrangement still give a whimsical look at a lower cost. Artifiicial bouquets can be used for the bridemaids and boutonniere.
  • Greenery like ferns, vines and leaves adds an earthy and rustic look to your arrangements. Adding a few sprigs will enhance the beauty of the flowers and will be easy on your budget.
  • Accessories like ribbons and diamantes spruce up the arrangements by adding a bit of sparkle and pop of color.
  • White and light hue flowers are tradionally used for the elegance and sophication it gives. Light hues gives off an air of feminity and romantce which is no wonder why brides are drawn to them. These flowers can not be handled to often or they will bruise a visible brown colour. The lighter the color the more visible the bruise becomes.
pink and red roses centerpiece near silverwares
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Asiflorum Lily

pink tiger lily on bloom
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These lovely bicolored medium sized blooms symbolises patience and adoration. They will add beautiful and bright colouring to your bouquets. They are locally available in South Africa. Asiflorum lilies come in a variety of colours which will match any colour scheme. The size of the blooms will fill up your floral arrangement and will require less flowers.



purple asters closeup photo at daytime
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Star-shaped and multiple petal blooms symbolises patience and elegance. They come in a variety of colours making them versatile complimentary flowers in any arrangements. It is an affordable and will plump up any bouquet without making a hole in your wallet.


Baby’s Breath

person holding bouquet of flower
Bouquet with Baby breath and roses.  Photo by Eftodii Aurelia on

One of the most traditionally used flowers  which are perfect for weddings. They consists of multiple bunches of  dainty flowers. They add a flair of whimsy when used as a decorative plaited headband. The white coloured flowers  symbolises everlasting and undying love which is no wonder why brides love this flower. They are also found in a butter yellow shade which symbolises light and joy. These dainty flowers can spruce up any arrangement from bouquets to bouttonniere.

Calla Lily

white flower
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Large  elegant trumpet-shaped flowers come in a range of colours. They can be arranged alone or paired with other flowers to extenuate its beauty. These flowers are native to South Africa and blooms in the summer.

Calla lilies symbolises different things according to its colour. Bright yellow and orange is symbolises joy, growth and change. Lavender and light blue symbolises grace and refined beauty. Dark purple symbolises royalty and strength. Pink stands for admiration. Dark red symbolises passion and intensity.


Gerbera Daisies

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One of the most popular flower as a symbol of love and innocence. They are delicate, bold, bright coloured blooms with long petals and distinctive centres. According to its colour, its symbolism differs. Red is symbolises love and white stands for purity and innocence. Pink symbolises admiration and adoration. Yellow represents cheerfulness. These beautiful blooms are available all year round and versatile to be used in any colour scheme. Budget friendly flowers can be used alone for a table displays or combined with other flowers for more classic bouquet.



Image sourced from Honest Owl

They are fragrant, delicate creamy ivory flowers surrounded by glossy green leaves that are native to South Africa.  These flowers are expensive but using with other complimentary flowers will lower the costs of the bouquet. These blooms add elegance and class to any arrangement. But be careful when handling gardenias! Their petals can bruise to a brown colour if it is handled too often or roughly.



bloom blossom flora flowers
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They are soft and delicate flowers which  comes in different colours: Pink represents romance, white symbolises purity and  grace,  Purple stands for abundance and wealth. These fluffy lush blooms add volume to floral arrangements. A smaller bouquets consisting of solely Hydrangea can be used by bridesmaids.


Lily of the valley

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These are bell-shaped, delicate and sweet-scented blooms that are native of the northern hemisphere in Asia and Europe. They are available during the spring time.

One of the most traditional bridal flowers. It comes to no surprise that this bloom was carried by the Duchess of Cambridge when she married Prince William.

These blooms are very expensive and can take huge bite out of your budget!



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These blooms offer a soft and alluring appeal with a  cascading effect to arrangements. Flowers can be potted alone  and used as a table display or coupled with other blooms in a bouquet.

They have delicate paper thin petals and come in a variety of colours. Each colour represents the following:

Blue-  rarity

Red- passions and desire

Pink- grace, joy and happiness

White- elegance and beauty

Purple- admiration, respect and dignity

Yellow- friendship, joy and new journey

Orange- pride and enthusiasm

Green- good fortune and blessings



selective focus photography of pink peony flowers
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These are gorgeous fluffy blooms are elegant and classy. Peonies  are complementary to any style of wedding. Typically blooms in spring up until early summer. They can be carried alone as a stunning bouquet or paired with similarly coloured flowers, green ferns or succulents.



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Lush swirl of delicate thin petals are a dream to any have in your wedding. They a can be used as both a great alternative or complimentary  to using roses and peonies. Ranunculus are early spring flowers which is fantastic news to for our Spring brides! These lovely blooms are versatile to be used in bridal bouquet, boutonniere and centre pieces. Flowers are available in white, yellow, orange and pink.



assorted color of rose flowers
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It comes with no surprise that roses are one of the most popular flowers used for weddings. They elude class,elegance and romance. Red roses symbolises love , beauty and passionate affection. Pink roses stand for young love, gratitude, appreciation and admiration. White roses symbolises hope for future and new start or beginning. Orange roses symbolises love and friendship. Yellow rose symbolises  friendship and well wishes. Blue or purple roses stands for royalty, mystery and royalty. Adding complementary blooms will enhance the beauty of the roses and uplift your arrangements.  Roses are loved not only for what they symbolise but for being their availability all year round. These flowers are used in may different ways from Boutonniere, bouquets, table arrangement to hair accessory.



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This is one of the more traditional flowers carried by bride and also known as the Madagascar Jasmin. They are described as star-shaped velvet textured dainty flowers with a long white stalk. Stephanotis are mildly fragrant flowers offering lovely scent as you walk down the aisle. These lovely blooms are available all year round  and a moderately priced. These little beauties are perfect as boutonniere. A few blooms can be used to dress up your hairstyle.



Image by Ellie Grover Photography showcases Poeny and sweetpeas

Sweetpeas are soft  frilly fragrant flowers that add a touch of fantasy and elegance to any arrangement.   It  comes with no surprise that they are the symbol of lasting pleasure with their sweet scent. Available in white, dark pink and purple. Sweetpeas are  to be arranged gorgeous stand alone bouquet or arranged as a complementary flowers  in an arrangement. Either way these blooms will have an impact in your display!



red purple and yellow tulip fields
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Tulips are the symbol of prosperity and undying passionate love. These amazing spring blooms are bright coloured and medium to large-sized. A tulips  beauty is  enhanced when coupled with complimentary flowers.  These flowers will add texture and dept to your bouquets. When in full bloom the flowers enlargen, occupying more space in an arrangement which means you will require less complimentary flowers. Fantastic!





romantic flowers bouquet ceremony
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There are many more gorgeous flowers that you can use in arrangements and I have only highlighted just a few for now.

Just remember, choose flowers that will compliment your wedding  theme, colors and also compliment you and your beloved. Flowers have their symbolism which will radiate through out your day. But  be careful not to bust your budget either!

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