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The perfect look comprises of the perfect outfit, shoes, accessories and most of all the makeup. Poorly applied make-up will not photograph well and will not  last for hours. Doing your own makeup for your wedding will be cost-effective but you will need a skilled hand and nerves of steel. The quality of the products that you  are using also plays a big role. High-end products tend to last longer than the lower end products. Testing out the products will ensure you have no surprises on your Big day. Ladies with a sensitive skin should try out all products they plan to use, this will help to eliminate products you may be allergic to.

By wearing your chosen cosmetics for a day you will be able to assess how long it lasts, any clumping, skin reactions and the number of time you were required to reapply.



Cosmetics for your face is broken down in primers, foundations, concealers, color correctors and powders.

Primers is the base for your makeup. It helps to prevent oiliness and increases the wear of your makeup. There are a variety of primers starting from low to high-end products. I have found that some of the middle range products provide a good coverage. The type of primer you will use is dependent on your skin type and preference.


Long-lasting liquid lipsticks are a god sent!! If you buy the right product, it will last for the entire event. Usually requiring  reapplying after eating and rarely smudge or transfer once dried. They are a few brands selling these types on the market, so give them a try to see which one works best for you. Long-lasting lipstick are also good, but do require reapplication a little more.

Using a lipliner will enhance the colour of your lipstick and shapes your lips. The colour of your lipliner should be the same shade as your lipstick. Apply the lipliner to shape your lips and also colour in your lips.  If your lipstick rubs off, the color of your lipliner will still be there, so your lips will never look bare!

Lip gloss will always require a reapplication, but its makes your lips look more sultry. But  on the flip side, it may not photograph well so be careful.



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