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Setting the date for your wedding is a crucial point. Every thing is planned around it, EVERY THING!!

Sit down with your fiancé and have a discussion, note which dates works for you. Also you will need to decide on the amount of time you will need to plan the wedding. If you pick a date thats too soon, then all arrangements  need to be done pronto. Choosing a date thats a little ways down the road will allow you to make arrangements at ease and no rush.

Things to consider when setting the date includes your choosen venue, priest or religious advisor and availabilities of your preferred service providers. All these factors will influence your decision on the date you choose.

Depending on your religion, you may need to consult with your priest to select a date thats auspicious.

Weather is also an important factor. Consider the rainy seasons, length of daylight hours,  cold weather and humidity. These factors will affect the timing of your functions , your dressing and makeup. For instance the warmer months your makeup needs to be exceptional to withstand the heat and perspiration. I’m talking industrial strength! Makeup that will last the whole day without breaking up or caking and requiring minimal touch ups.  The use of professional makeup artists is something to seriously consider  as they  will accommodate for all weather and ensure your makeup lasts. If you are on a tight budget and doing your makeup yourself, please invest in middle to high end makeup products. They are similar to the products a professional will use and it will last longer than the cheaper products. (Pssst .. I will talk more about cosmetic products later in my makeup blog)

Rainy seasons are not to be forgotten as they will influence whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings can still be amazing if it rains just be sure to make provisions for umbrellas for guests, and walkways which are non-slip to prevent muddy prints on your perfect dress as you walk down the isle.

So once you’ve decided on a date.. lock it down!



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